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Tips for Buying a Water Pump

Owning your own water pump can give you lots of advantages for many reasons. You may live in a flood-prone area and need a submersible pump for cleanup, or maybe you have a swimming pool that obviously needs to be filled with water. Perhaps you need to pump up water everyday from a well.

Regardless of your reasons for buying a water pump, it’s important to know your specific requirements so you end up buying the correct one.

GPM Discharge Capacity

A water pump’s GPM Discharge Capacity is a measure of how quickly and powerfully it can perform its function. Indicated as gallons per minute, it is basically how fast water arrives at the discharge point from origin. The higher a water pump’s discharge capacity, the faster it can move water.

Vertical Suction Lift

This is how far, vertically, the water source is from the pump. If you’re planning to drain a flooded basement or a pond, get a water pump whose vertical suction lift is adequate for your application.

Maximum Head Lift

This is the total height starting from the source of the water all the way to the discharge point. This number also represents the power of the pump and how far water can be delivered.

Type of Water Pump

Water pumps come in several types – submersible, self-priming, borehole, etc. – and to know which type you should get, you have to understand what specifically you need it to do for you. Spend time to do some research so you don’t waste cash buying the wrong equipment.


Besides knowing the various types of water pumps, you should also take your time deciding where to purchase the equipment. Note that maximizing your benefits from a water pump has a lot to do with its quality. And when it comes down to this, you have to find a reputable supplier that is committed to customer satisfaction.

There are almost countless places today where you can purchase a water pump, so take advantage of your options and compare them rather than choosing the first one you come across. After all, there’s no other way of knowing which among your choices is the best indeed. Even so, don’t obsess about the prices. As a consumer, you should know that there are so many other things to consider. As with all other things you spend on, aim for the best value for your cash. Truth is, if something is priced too low compared to the market value, you can trust that there will be a catch somewhere, and it sure won’t be worth finding out.

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