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Types of Water Filtration Systems for You to Choose

Impure water is detrimental to human bodies because it has contaminants like fluoride, radium, lead, nitrites, and nitrates ( trivalent and hexavalent), chromium, arsenic, copper, selenium, barium, cysts (cryptosporidium) and total dissolved solids (TDS). Your employees need water filtration systems in the office for they should be supplied with clean water thus hire commercial water softeners and water filters company to install for you these systems. Here are the water filtration systems that you need.

Find reputable commercial water softeners and water filters company to install for you a commercial reverse osmosis system. It will save you the costs of buying bottled water for your employees daily or guests during corporate events. Reverse osmosis system filters water in four stages that are distinct from each other to remove all the impurities from the water but other systems can leave toxins in the water because they use one or two filtration stages. Water from a reverse osmosis system has no smell and taste because there are no impurities in it, but unfiltered water has leaves horrible aftertaste and smell in the mouth.

Commercial water filtration specialists install programmable electronic water softeners. You set the electric water tank to fill the salt tank with specific amount of water and when this amount gets filled in the tank, the tank shuts off to prevent overflowing so that wastage of water is minimized. The electric water softener will regenerate after the specific days and during a particular time you have set for it to regenerate even when the amount of water that you have used is lower than the amount which would trigger it to regenerate. When you are not using the office for days or months, you can turn on settings that will stop the electric water softener from regenerating during the entire period. You will have an automatic water softener that is reliable when you program it appropriately. You can keep track of how water is being used in the office by observing the records of water usage that the electric water softener keeps for you to regulate the amount of water it supplies accordingly.

These experts install non-electric water softeners in commercial buildings for owners who want to cut down on electricity bills. They do not use electricity; hence they are non-programmable and makes controlling their regeneration process a challenge. The system causes a noticeable drop in water pressure in the entire home before it regenerates. To avoid water shortage when the system is regenerating install a dual tank non-electric water softener. When the system is regenerating, it will switch off from one tank to the other to allow to use one tank as the other is being filled. There are specific dual tank non-electric water softeners that have these capabilities hence you should be careful when choosing them.
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